Nothing beats fresh coffee

Nothing beats a cup of fresh roasted, fresh brewed coffee!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Boycott Keuring, Green Mountain Roasters, and all their partners!

With the introduction of version 2 cups Keurig and Green Mountain should be boycotted and put out of business - as well as all their partners! There is nothing worse than corporate greed. Now only the huge players can get a Keurig "pedigree" to market their products, and Keurig charges them plenty to play! Consumers and small business get screwed. As one of many small, local coffee roasters, I will be hung out to dry, and my customers will be forced to drink overpriced, intentionally stale coffee! Boycott these losers and buy a generic coffee machine - support local business!


  1. Glory be, there is a God. Keurig's CEO got booted and now he is out a job, and Keruig is going bankrupt! Maybe the new owners will think more about GIVING than RECEIVING and give what is best for consumers.

  2. Very energetic article, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2? all of craigslist